3 Steps To Create An Online Business Presence

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Create An Online Business

3 Steps To Create An Online Business Presence

When it comes to promoting a business online, there are many different things that you can do. But the type of business you have may influence what is the best type of promotion. If you are a designer, a Twitter account may not be as helpful as an Instagram account.

If you are just starting to promote your business online, it can be easy to become bogged down in the details. You should start a blog or website to keep all your information in one place. Beyond that, focus on 3 steps to build a strong online presence to get yourself started. If you try to do too much at once, you will get overwhelmed and accomplish nothing. By focusing on three items, you can take some time to really learn about them and how to use them for maximum exposure. Areas to consider are social media, mobile computing and how to make everything work together or cross post to save time.

Utilizing Social Media

Facebook is a great tool and likely one of the first ones you want to look into when it comes to social media. The hard part is figuring out how to make it work for your business and making sure that you are visible to your customers. You will have to start a group or a page, both of which have their benefits and drawbacks. Once you get a channel set up, you can use it to help develop your other media or ask your followers what they would like to see. The great benefit to Facebook is that it is so interactive.

Get Your Web Properties Responsive

Most people will agree that you need a website for your business. However, not only do you need a website to promote your business and show what you do, but this website also needs to be mobile friendly. With more people doing their internet browsing and searching on their phones, this is becoming more important all the time. If you aren’t sure about the truth in this, ask friends and family how much time they spent on their various devices versus their computer. You might be surprised. Ask them how they decide which to use for what purpose.

Give Away Freebies and Content

Giving away free items has always been a popular method for promoting your business and this is still the case. By allowing potential customers to see that you know what you are talking about, you will start to gain their trust. Keep doing this and they will come to you when they require your product. Having a spot on your blog where you take questions and answer them is a great “freebie” as they are getting value at no cost.

No matter what methods you are using for online promoting of your business, it is important that you are consistent with it. If you only post once a month, you probably will not get a lot of results. But if you remember to post every Wednesday, first thing in the morning, your followers will get to know this and come looking for you at that time.